There are a huge range of careers and job opportunities within the wider construction sectors, everything from working in the trades, to project management, architecture and everything in between.


The construction industry is so much bigger than most people imagine. With over 180 different job roles, the industry has such a diverse variety of career paths to choose from including:

  •  Project managers – Help and guide your team through projects
  • Town planning, building control and plant inspectors – Help a project to gain approval before it can begin
  • Architects, civil planning, design and planning – Any project, regardless of size, begins with a design phase
  • Vehicles and machinery – Organise the transportation of materials to a site
  • Service installers – Maintain the building’s multiple systems
  • Support services – Keep the construction plans running smoothly
  • On-site – Build using a variety of tools, skills and materials
  • Off-site – Source materials needed for building
  • Surveying – Guide the team on construction projects
  • Technical – Plan more technical aspects of the build

For more info on different job roles, check out our JOB ROLES page

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